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Example ASP Scripts 2024-06-23

Configuration parameters that make Apache::ASP tick.
  response.asp   (source)
Messy script showing much of the $Response object's functionality, including cookies and buffering.
application.asp   (source)
Uses $Application for incrementing a counter.
File dynamically included in the dynamic_includes.htm example.
binary_write.htm   (source)
$Response->BinaryWrite() demo for an asp script serving a gif.
  server.htm   (source)
Shows much of the $Server object's functionality.
cgi.htm   (source)
Shows compatibility with the CGI.pm library.
  server_variables.htm   (source)
$Response->ServerVariables() are the equivalent of %ENV in ASP.
counting.htm   (source)
Simple asp syntax shown by wrapping a for loop around html and inserting a scalar value.
  session.asp   (source)
Shows use of the $Session object, and also demos one implementation of cookieless sessions.
dynamic_includes.htm   (source)
Shows an included file called as a subroutine.
  session_query_parse.asp   (source)
Demonstrates automatic cookieless session support with the SessionQueryParse* settings.
error_document.htm   (source)
Shows a custom error message using the $Response->ErrorDocument() API extension.
  source.asp   (source)
Handy source code viewer used to let you easily view the source of the other asp scripts.
file_upload.asp   (source)
File upload data can be read from the $Request->Form(), and is implemented via CGI.pm.
  syntax_error.asp   (source)
Demonstrates asp debugging with Debug 2 by creating a perl syntax error .
Footer include for most of the scripts listed.
Another include used to demo dynamic_includes.htm.
form.asp   (source)
Shows simple use of $Request->Form() and how to get raw input data from $Request->BinaryRead().
Source gif for the binary_write.htm example.
formfill.asp   (source)
Shows use of FormFill feature, which auto fills HTML forms from $Request->Form() data. One must install HTML::FillInForm to use this feature.
  transfer.htm   (source)
$Server->Transfer() use in action, for speedy redirect type behavior.
The global.asa is the nervous system of an ASP application and is where you define your event handlers.
  xml_subs.asp   (source)
XMLSubsMatch XML Extensions demonstrated, which all custom tags to be created by the developer.
global_asa_demo.asp   (source)
Shows how the global.asa can be used to track users in an application.
  xml_subs_strict.asp   (source)
XMLSubsStrict setting causes XMLSubs to accept only string literals for arguments, conforming to XML standard more strictly, and controlling XMLSubs execution to compile time arguments.
Header include for most of the scripts listed here.
  xslt.xml   (source)
XSLT transformation of XML script, using XML::XSLT, and a DBM based cache with the XSLTCache setting. Also possible for the XSLTParser setting is XML::Sablotron for faster XSLT rendering.
include.htm   (source)
Shows how you can decompose a script into common included files.
register_cleanup.asp   (source)
Demonstrates use of the API extension $Server->RegisterCleanup(). Execute code after a response completes in a fail safe way with this routine.

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